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Also see our Tools page for additional resources for working with Nxt!

Core developers - Jelurida

Nxt product page

Nxt sites

Nxt Asset Exchange

Nxt Alias System

Source code

Development projects and teams


  • Server:; channel #nxtalk

Nxt services

NOTE: Links to services on this site DO NOT constitute an endorsement of any kind. Use these resources at your own risk!

Blockchain, Charts & Stats, Exchanges

Tools for exploring the blockchain: looking up accounts, transactions, and more. Links

Forging Pools

Want better luck forging? Combine your balance with other people's, and split the rewards! Requires that you trust the pool owner not to run off with all your coins.

Vanity generators

Tools for generating Nxt account numbers that contain specific digits or patterns of digits. Vanity generators

Node operator services

These are links intended to make managing public nodes easier!

  • (for generating a random list of well-known peers you can put in your file)
  • provides information and statistics on public servers that are running Nxt
  • nxtcoinbox offers a simple shell script for setting up and deploying a node on a Linux server

Other Tools

Nxt information

From here, you may want to learn more about Nxt tools, the Nxt client, read our Faq, or look at common problems and resolutions!