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Welcome to the Basic Guides. This is a series of plain-English explanations and videos that will introduce the concepts and common uses of the functionality in the Nxt blockchain. If at any point something is unclear, please leave a comment and someone will point you in the right direction..

If you have any question, please visit our frequently asked questions first.

Android Full Node

Tutorial for installing and launching the Nxt Full Ardor Node in Android devices

Common problems and resolutions

General software problems.

Create or Transfer or Trade an alias

How to issue alias operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Nxt.

How to create an account

Learn how to create an account on the Nxt blockchain.

How to protect your account with a public key

Learn how to protect your account with a 256 public key which provides ultimate protection.

How to send NXT

Step by step guide that explains how to send NXT.

Default Nxt properties configuration file

Learn how to modify the Nxt configuration file.

Offline Transaction Signing

Learn how Nxt supports offline transaction signing, the purpose of which is to protect the secret passphrase from exposure to the Internet. This guide documents the procedure.

Server and Account Security. SHA256, GPG and SSL

Learn how to verify with SHA256, GPG key, how to generate strong passwords and how to configure SSL communication.

Uninstall the Nxt software

Learn how to Uninstall the Nxt software.

Update the Nxt software

Learn how to Update the Nxt software.