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Alias Operations

Create Alias

Go to 'Aliases' in your client.

First click on 'Register Alias' in the upper-right corner:

Register an Alias

Here you can choose to use the alias for different purposes: By choosing 'Account', you can link to a NXT account. If you choose 'URI' you can e.g. link any website with your alias. The third option 'Other' allows you to insert any text you like. All aliases costs 1 NXT

Please note, aliases are unique. There can never be two aliases with the same name. Aliases are not case sensitive.

Your new alias will now be listed in the 'Aliases' page.

You can either transfer your alias to any person for a 1 NXT fee, or sell it to any person for a specific amount.

Edit Alias

You can at any time edit the content of the alias. Just click 'Edit' on the Alias tab. You will see this panel to input the specific information:

Edit Alias

Editing your Alias costs a 1 NXT transaction fee.

Transfer Alias

Set Alias to sell

Click 'Transfer' in the Alias panel and input the NXT Account where you want to transfer your alias. Alias transfer fee is 1 NXT.

Sell Alias

You can either sell the Alias to a specific Nxt Account or to the public. Specific Nxt accounts will see an offer to buy the alias.

Sell alias to any specific Nxt account

Sell it by clicking on 'Sell'

Sell Alias to one Account

After submitting the order, you should see:

Sell Alias

You can cancel the sell offer anytime before the partner has accepted it. To change the amount of the sell order, you can create a new sell order.

Sell alias to the public. This way every user can see your offer and buy it for the price you entered.

Set Alias to sell

Input the price. After submitting the order, you should see

Alias to sell for public

Every user can now buy your alias. Both submitting a sell order and buying an alias incur a 1 NXT transaction fee.

Buy public Alias

There is no way to browse all aliases up for sale within the Nxt network. Just try to register the alias you want. If it has already been registered, but is up for sale, you can see the offer if you search for it.

Alias to buy

There will be a direct offer once you try to register the alias:

Buy Alias to sell to public

See also: the FAQ section on Aliases.